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Let’s delve into our city focus for this week – Glasgow!

Glasgow’s famous slogan, “People Make Glasgow,” can often be spotted in vibrant graffiti on buildings, and it holds true in every sense. Scots are known for their friendliness, and Glaswegians are this and more! The communities in and around this city are robust, supportive, and equitable, constantly adapting to meet the evolving requirements of neighbourhoods and ensuring the prosperity of both the areas and their residents.

Glasgow, the most populated area in Scotland, is a vibrant city with a diverse population of around 596,000 people. Situated on the banks of the River Clyde, just 20 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean, its location has played a significant role in its economic development. In the past, shipbuilding and international trade were the backbone of the city’s economy. However, Glasgow has evolved over time and now boasts a mix of traditional industries like manufacturing, alongside cutting-edge sectors such as aerospace technology, software engineering, and renewable energy. This blend of old and modern trades has resulted in a fascinating blend of architectural styles, with both historic and contemporary buildings dotting the cityscape.

You will have landed here because you’re thinking about moving to Glasgow, or perhaps you already stay in the city and are looking for somewhere else. Well, get ready for a pleasant surprise! This guide will provide you with an overview of the city and help you decide on the best areas to look for your new home.

As a place to live, what is Glasgow like?

Glasgow, being Scotland’s biggest city, is a top pick for folks of every age. With top-notch shopping, vibrant nightlife, and rich history, it’s no wonder why some call it a ‘mini London’. The city truly has a lot to offer.

Glasgow’s city centre is filled with stunning architectural gems that highlight the city’s heritage. Putting the city aside for a moment, we have to give some recognition to the surrounding areas that will be so close to your new home! Glasgow is conveniently located near Scotland’s first national park, the world-famous Loch Lomond which boasts some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery.

Travelling about in Glasgow


Glasgow has an extensive train network. ScotRail operates both local and regional routes, providing fast and easy transportation options. Glasgow Central Station serves as a rail connection to the south, while the Queen Street Station primarily operates routes to Edinburgh city and northern Scotland.


Glasgow is cyclist-friendly with its extensive 186-mile cycle lane network. Glasgow provides over 170 bikes and e-bikes, along with a convenient pay-as-you-go system. Enjoy the city sights, avoid traffic, and get some exercise with just a few spins of the pedal.

Cars, Bus and more

If you are looking to travel by car the M8 is extremely convenient (which connects Glasgow and Edinburgh) with slip roads to all city centre locations. Bus routes are dotted all over the city, there is a subway system that connects a good portion of the city, taxi points are easy to get to – it’s fair to say, that you’ll be spoilt for choice when navigating to, from and inside the city of Glasgow.

Glasgow Subway (courtesy of www.spt.co.uk)

Glasgow and the cost of living explained

Living in Glasgow is generally more affordable compared to cities like London or Edinburgh. By utilizing public transport deals, searching for budget-friendly properties, and planning your finances wisely, the cost of living in Glasgow could be described as more manageable than the other big cities in the UK.

Houses for sale in Glasgow

Thanks for reading this week’s city focus! Whether you’re searching for an affordable city lifestyle or a family-oriented neighbourhood to raise your kids, Glasgow has plenty to offer. Begin your journey by exploring the current houses we have for sale in Glasgow as a premier estate agent in the heart of Scotland.


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