We are Fixed-Fee Estate Agents

Patch Property offer fixed fee services, which means you can pay a set amount instead of a percentage based on the selling price.

This gives clients a more preferable option if you’re not wanting to pay for those irritating percentages and would rather know what you’re paying for right off the cuff.

Instead of using a formula that takes in the estimated hours multiplied by an hourly rate, fixed-fee estimates give you a complete price quote for the entire project. This means there is no difference in cost-based hours or rates.

What is the cost difference?

So you’re considering putting your property on the market in Glasgow, with a selling price of £180,000. A commission-based estate agent would typically charge you 0.75% of the sale price, which amounts to £1,620.00.

On the other hand, a fixed fee estate agent would charge you a set fee that was agreed upon at the beginning of the marketing process. We at Patch Property take pride in providing a fixed fee for our estate agency services, which can essentially help you save a good chunk of your money.

These examples point out the key factors between commission-based fees and fixed fees when selling your property in Glasgow. Bear in mind that there are estate agents in Glasgow who may charge either an increased commission rate or a lower one as well as those who may charge fees lower or higher than our fixed fee.

Support & Advice

We have a team of experienced and supportive individuals with knowledge, we would love to share with anyone in need of our services. We as a team would assist you every step of the way during your sale, offering honest buyer feedback and advice.

Free Valuation

Our expert valuers will schedule a comfortable time to come and assess your property in order to help you determine your budget and how we would maximise your properties potential.

By utilizing up-to-date market information, our industry expertise, and years of experience, we will offer you a precise and transparent valuation that can lead to the most favourable sale result within your preferred timeframe.

During the valuation, we will also talk about your selling objectives and provide guidance on how to reach them, such as tips on preparing your property for showings and enhancing its appeal to potential buyers.


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