Our Guide to Home Reports

Home Reports in Glasgow and beyond

It is a legal requirement for vendors in Scotland to provide a Home Report for potential buyers. The Home Report is prepared prior to marketing and made available to potential buyers on request. We have a wide range of properties in Glasgow and the surrounding areas for sale, why not check out the homes we have for sale in Glasgow after reading up on home reports!

Why do you need a home report?

When you come across a home that catches your eye, make sure to request a Home Report from Patch Property. If the property is listed for sale, it should have this report available. The Home Report provides essential information about the house, divided into three sections: a single survey and valuation, a property questionnaire, and an energy report.

What’s included in a home report?

  • Single survey and valuation – This part, which is based on a visual assessment done by a certified surveyor, provides information about the property, its condition, its accessibility, and any necessary repairs. It also includes an estimated value of the property.
  • Property questionnaire – This part of the Home Report consists of a survey that covers 16 various aspects. Its purpose is to provide you with additional information about the property. These aspects encompass the council tax band of the home, any previous incidents that may have impacted the property (such as fire, storm damage, or asbestos), any modifications or expansions made to the home, information about any specialized works or warranties, and details about any notices that could potentially affect the property.
  • Energy report – The Home Report includes details on the energy efficiency of the property through an Energy Performance Certificate. This document provides insights into energy consumption and estimated costs for heating, lighting, and hot water. It also evaluates the environmental impact of the house in relation to carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, it offers contact information for guidance on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing fuel expenses.
  • Exceptions – Some homes are exempt from needing a Home Report. These exemptions apply to properties that have been listed for sale prior to 1 December 2008, brand new homes sold off-plan or to the first occupant, recently converted properties that have not been utilized in their new state, dual-purpose homes used for both residential and non-residential purposes, and seasonal holiday homes that can only be occupied during specific times of the year. Even if a property falls under these exemptions, Patch Property will still provide an Energy Performance Certificate.

View the official government page here.

If you have any questions about selling, buying or about home reports in and around Glasgow, contact the friendly team over at Patch Property. Patch is Scotland’s original fixed fee estate agents who make selling your property just as straightforward and simple as our no catch, no hidden fee services. For me info on the fixed fee pricing head over to here.

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